Our Guarantee - The Spirit

Israel’s possession of the Land of Canaan was an earlier stage in God’s redemptive plan, a plan that always envisioned something larger than Israel or the small plot of land in Palestine. With the arrival of the Messiah and the Gift of the Spirit, the covenant promises began to find their fulfillment in the true “ Seed of Abraham ,” and in his “ brethren ” and “ coheirs ,” promises that include the bodily resurrection and the coming New Creation.

The Cruciform Path

Jesus performed miracles, exorcised demons, and taught with great authority, often attracting large crowds. Nevertheless, his contemporaries failed to recognize who he was despite displays of supernatural power. In the end, only the Roman centurion on duty at Golgotha perceived him to be the “ Son of God ” when the Nazarene breathed his last. Indeed, only the man with the “ mind of the Spirit ” can understand the “ Word of the Cross .”

Сын Давида

Евангелие от Матфея представляет Иисуса как “ Сына Давидова ”. Своей жизнью и смертью он продемонстрировал, что значит быть царем Израиля. Это последнее обозначение традиционно связывалось с Домом Давида; но в Евангелии от Матфея это понимание Мессии неожиданным образом меняется. Великий “ Сын Давида ” - это нечто большее, чем правитель Израиля или царь над народами, ибо он Мессия радикально иного рода, “ Слуга Яхве ”.

The Message

The Gospel proclaimed by Jesus is NOT about reforming society or fixing governments. His message summons all men and women to repent and join an entirely new social order and political reality, namely, the Kingdom of God , and his message contradicts the political ideologies of the present “ evil age .” Responding positively to his invitation is vital considering the approaching end of the existing world order and its disappearance from the Earth.

Mercy and Enemies

The reality of persecution raises important questions. How should disciples of Jesus react, especially when persecuted by the State? Is resorting to anger or acts of civil disobedience appropriate, or should they instead emulate examples from the life of Christ? In his teachings, he warned that all men who decide to follow him would experience “ tribulation ,” and he summoned them to follow his path (“ If they persecuted me, so they will persecute you ”).

Following Jesus

Jesus admonished his disciples - If anyone wishes to come after me, “ Let him deny himself, take up his cross, and follow me !” This was more than metaphorical and certainly not hyperbolic language. He declared this when he was on his final journey to Jerusalem where he would demonstrate just what it meant to “ take up the cross ,” and the historical context shows just how challenging his words were.